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Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th August 2021 Written Episode: Will Gagan Get punished?


As you all know that your favorite show is turning so hot and dramatic as well with its daily episodes and as you all know Gagan and Aditi have been founded in a hotel and unfortunately, Geetanjali Devi has got to know about them and their life seems to be in danger now. Well, the 18th of August’s episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 begins with, Gagan thanking her sister Reema as she helped him. Reema told him that Geetanjali has got to know about their whereabouts and she will reach them soon. Reema says Gagan not to be worried as his sister is just a call away from him.

Reema wishes him a Happy Rakhi, she says that the current situation does not let them meet but soon she will see him. Gagan replies that he loves his both sisters and he is always with Simar and Reema, he then says that today he has not the Rakhi on his wrist so he could not give her a gift. Reema replies “I don’t need any gift Bhai because the way you are forcing Geetanjali Devi on your tune is just a special gift of my life”. Reema then says him to leave the place as soon as he can because Badi Maa is on her way to shoot him. There, Aarav sits in his car along with Simar, Simar prays that Gagan shall not do anything which can cause the worst situation for both families. Simar looks at Aarav and says “I hope Aditi and Bhai are fine and at a safe place. Aarav says “I hope they did not cross the line which leads both families to be ashamed, Simar gets worried.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode

Gagan calls Gajendra and warns her that if this girl does anything wrong then he does not have any idea what will happen then. Gajendra says they are on their way to reach him and once they will get to him he won’t leave him. Badi Maa says to drive fast and reach. Gagan goes to the bathroom and knocks on the door, Aditi comes out and says that they should stay here for one more day and celebrate this special moment. Gagan denies staying saying if Badi Maa and her people come here then they will not even let us smile celebration is so far.

Aditi replies that even he also wants the same as why he is behaving like this now. Gagan smiles saying don’t argue and just do what he is saying. Aditi says him to pick her up in his arms and select a dress for her. He says yes. He picks her up meanwhile, Simar enters the room and gets shocked seeing her in Gagan’s arms. Aarav also comes just behind Simar and gets shocked seeing them and looks angrily. The episode ends, tune in to Colors TV at the right time to watch the complete episode, and stay tuned with us.


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