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Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th July 2021 Written Episode: Vivaan And Badi Maa Get In Verbal Spat


As you all know that the show is becoming interesting with its daily episode and no doubt that the drama put brought into the show is making the audience crazy to watch the show. Nowadays the show is getting way entertaining with the drama and after Vivaan and Reema’s wedding, the drama got a cherry on the cake kind of deal. In today’s episode, you will watch the drama on the next level, where Vivaan and Reema will face Badi Maa’s anger.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th July 2021 Written Episode: Vivaan And Badi Maa Get In Verbal Spat

Tonight’s episode begins with, Badi Maa saying Vivaan to leave Reema. Vivaan says that he tied the knot with her and will not leave her at any cost no matter what will happen. Geetanjali Devi gives him an option either to leave or leave the luxury of Oswal’s. She further says him that he can’t survive without his surname, he replies that he is the grandson of Geetanjali Devi so if he going to start from zero he must be rich in few days. Badi Maa says that his life will be worse when he will be surviving in the world after leaving this luxuriousness.

He says that he does not care because Reema will stay with him and with her support he will achieve whatever he wants. Badi Maa asks him about their relation, Vivaan replies that he was living with them just because of the love not due to the luxuriousness and now he has to leave and breakup with them because of Badi Maa’s arrogance is breaking them. Aarav comes there and tries to stop Vivaan, Vivaan says that he was right as he said that Badi Maa never accept this relation. Meanwhile, Badi Maa shouts his name Vivaan…

Vivaan shouts too saying “what will she do, will she shoot us again or elect us in the wall alive, but I will bear everything and I’m not scared of anything and anyone as well and will not leave Reema come rain or shine”. Badi Maa yells at him saying that he is blind in her love today but one day he will realise what he did and she assures that on that day he must be crying thinking the stuff he is doing right now.

She says that one day his eyes will open and will feel. She then says that she is eagerly waiting for that day. The episode ends with some more shocking twists and as the show is turning hot, don’t miss any single episode so tune in to Colors TV and watch it. Also, stay tuned with us and don’t miss any single update on the daily soap.


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