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Sasural Simar Ka 2: 21st August 2021 Written Episode Update Will Gajendra kill Gagan?


Tonight’s episode of SSK2 begins with, Oswal’s house where Vivaan asks Geetanjali about his father, he says that he saw him going out with his gun where has he been? Aarav says that their father has gone to kill Gagan and they have to stop him but they don’t know about his location only Badi Maa knows. Geetanjali replies “are you both of these family’s part, why your blood has not boiled yet, you guys are trying to defend the person who eloped with your sister and ruined our image in the entire city”.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Badi Maa asks them if they can tolerate this, that guy did play with their respect, image, class, and values so how can I sit quietly. Aarav says that they can’t even bear this for a single second and they will punish him which he deserves but they have to stop Papaji because he is going to kill him which is not right. Badi Maa replies whatever is going to happen let it happen because that shameless guy deserves to be killed and that too by their hands. She then says that he did the worse for them which no one even can think to do with Oswal’s he played with our sentiments so on which base should he remain alive, let him realize what he did which he should not.

There, Gajendra enters Yamini Devi’s house where she gets angry at him and asks why did he come here and that too in this manner, she then asks him if he has not being taught, how should behave at other’s place. She looks at him and says “Chote Oswal Sahab if your kind of respected people forgot humbleness that what how will the world run” Gajendra replies that they only should be humble in front of those who deserve this and those who do not care about respect and values they won’t watch the respect one face.

He looks around and asks “where is that shameless poor guy”? Yamini smiles seeing him and says that she is glad to see the same courage and shine in her eyes as she used to watch in his father’s eyes. He replies that he is not here to hear about his father but only to get the guy who is hiding here. There, Aarav gets worried thinking about Gajendra that if Papa kills him then he will be stuck into all criminal cases and he can’t let his father get dragged into court and all. The episode ends here, stay tuned to read more latest episodes.


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