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Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Aditi Getting Happy Seeing Simar’s Decoration For Ganpati


Colors TV’s Sasural Simar Ka 2 is managing its fan base among its audience with every episode and no doubt that the makers of the show are making it more interesting therefore we are here to make you read the latest episode of the show. So, in tonight’s episode, you will watch Aditi getting happy seeing Simar’s decoration for Ganpati and appreciates it. She then goes to Aarav and tells him about it, while Aarav says that he knew Simar’s decoration skills.

There, Reema recalls Chitra’s word as she said she to leave, Vivaan asks her that what she is thinking about, Reema nods saying nothing. Aditi gets happy with the environment and tries to make it more beautiful. Simar replies that in her house they used to play Dumb charades while doing the preparation. Aditi comes there and says everyone to play the game and to make the moment more memorable. Meanwhile, Badi Maa comes there and gets angry seeing Simar decorating the Ganpati Pandal and she yells at him that how can she dare to come close to the sacred thing of her house. She then says Simar to stand away from this ritual or worship because she is not a part of the house and just a forced guest in their fate.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode

Simar leaves with wet eyes while Reema gets sad as well. Badi Maa does not look towards both and says that tomorrow is going to be so auspicious because this is a big day for Oswal’s. She says many of the guests will come and there will be a big pooja tomorrow so everything has to be sacred and perfect. Geetanjali Devi leaves saying she wants everyone at sharp 12 for the Maha Aarti. She then adds that she will not bear any single misbehavior of everyone.

Aarav goes to Simar and tells her that now she is about to get what she always wanted. Simar looks at him sadly, he smiles and says that he went to Yamini and she has agreed to make Simar her’s student. He takes her to Yamini where Yamini tells her that today she is going to tie Simar in a very auspicious relation with her talent. Simar looks at her, Yamini tells her that from now she is her Guru, Simar smiles and says that she will do everything to keep her Guru happy. Yamini Devi asks her about a Guru Dakshina before starting her class. The episode ends here and now watching this is going to be amazing that what Yamini will take from Simar. Stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on the show.


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