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Sasural simar ka 2 8th July 2021 Written Episode Latest Updates & Spoilers Alert


As you all know that show has reached a very amazing turn where Aarav is about to fall in love with Choti Simar, therefore the show is getting more popularity and tonight’s episode starts with, Gupta Ji and Kajal reached to Oswal’s house and there she shows the video clip of Vivaan and Reema to Aarav, he asks where is Vivaan, Kajal replies that Reema wants to break this wedding. Meanwhile, Choti Simar comes there and Kajal says her that both sisters are well experts in breaking other’s relations.

Chitra yells at Simar, while Simar tries to clarify herself and her sisters’ as well, she asks Kajal about Reema, Kajal replies that Reema is fine and enjoying at the hotel with Vivaan. There, Vivaan apologises to Reema. Chitra enters the hotel Room with Aarav and Simar, Simar hugs her sister and starts crying when she gets to know that Reema has attempted suicide. Kajal there says that Reema is just pretending like this and she is acting to gain Vivaan’s sympathy.

Sasural simar ka 2 Written Episode

Vivaan gets angry at Chitra and says her to leave otherwise he will reveal the truth to her, Aarav shouts at him for misbehaving with Chitra, Simar says that she will take Reema to their house. Chitra says that both sisters are playing very well in their plan. Reema tells everyone to leave, Vivaan says them to leave and he says that he will stay with her for some more time, Aarav says to leave her and go home because Badi Maa is getting too much humiliation just because of her.

Aarav says him to make a promise that he won’t go deep in her life and will return home soon. Gupta Ji asks her how much money will she take to leave Vivaan, Simar shouts saying that he can’t talk like this with her sister, Aarav calls Reema a cheater. Vivaan finally accepts that he loves her and he also tells them that she is not following him but he loves her. He tells that Reema is the reason behind Aarav’s wedding incident. Aarav slaps Vivaan and takes him to the house. Gupta gets angry at Reema and throws a blank cheque on Reema’s face. Simar takes the cheque and gives him back saying that they are not as wealthy as he is but still they are not selling their fair play because they have been taught some etiquettes, Chitra looks at her angrily and says that they are not wealthy in money but they have powers as well. The episode ends here, stay connected to read more episodes like this.


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