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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Jogi Comes to Yamini Devi SSK 7th August Written Update Episode


The latest episode of the show beings with, Jogi comes to Yamini Devi and tells her that Aarav is Geetanjali Devi’s grandson and he got married to Simar a couple of days ago. She asks him about more than he tells that the girl is from a middle-class family and her father is a professor. Yamini says him to go and find out something more about his father. She thinks that why Geetanjali Devi wants her Bahu to love music, she says him to find out more about Simar and her music interest. She says that this time she won’t let her play with her carrier as she has done so many things before.

There, Simar cries for Gagan and feels bad for him as well, she says that how can she tell him how much she is hurt and despite knowing everything can’t do anything. She asks him to forgive her. Meanwhile, Reema comes there from the opposite side, Simar says her Didi… but she goes ignoring her, Simar looks on.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written episode 7th august 2021

Reema goes to her room and starts breaking stuff, she angrily says that she won’t leave Geetanjali Devi to treat her brother this way and now she has to be ready to pay for everything because soon her time will come when things will go strict against her. Chitra there adds fuel to the fire saying that it is not the right time to take revenge but soon they will do this and as everything is in their favour so… Reema asks her what?

Sasural Simar Ka Written Update

There, Aditi talks to Gagan and tells him that she does not get it whatever has happened. She says that now she will not bear it and someone must have to tell her that how can they behave with someone in such a way. Gagan looks at her through the mirror of the car and says her to calm down. Aditi says that she will not sit quietly and will take revenge for this. Gagan assures that whatever is needed to be done he will do but it will take some time, he says time never stays the same, and people’s status change as well as per the time, Aditi looks at him and says that she will be with him always.

Tonight the other interesting thing you will watch is, Simar says Aarav to solve all the problems of his house, while Vivaan says that nothing is even normal between him and Reema, Vivaan says Aarav to talk to Reema so that she will understand something, he goes to her where Reema says that Simar is the one whose fault is here behind everything going on. Aarav gets angry at her saying he will not bear any single word against her wife. The episode ends.


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