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Sasural Simar Ka 2 (SSK2) 22nd July 2021 Written Update: Gagan Decides To Ruin Geetanjali Devi


The upcoming episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 begins where Vivaan expresses his rage because still, his wife is locked inside the room, but spontaneously Choti Simar brings Reema downstairs and everyone gets shocked to see them. Because despite taking permission of Badi Maa how could she bring her outside from the room. Later, Choti Simar holds Reema & Vivaan’s hands and goes towards the temple to pray for their bright future. But Aarav gets angry to see all this and brings Choti Simar away from them by holding her hand.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 (SSK2) 22nd July 2021 Written Update: Gagan Decides To Ruin Geetanjali Devi

Then Vivaan showers his love to Remma because he is very happy seeing her and hugs her but the elder mother is getting angry seeing this. Another side, Aarav interrogates Choti Simar that what was the need to bring her out of the room without taking Badi Maa’s permission. Because already his house is facing many problems and she gave another big one which is totally inappropriate. She replies that Badi Maa gave her permission to take her out, but he gets shocked to hear this.

On another side, Gagan is accusing that Geetanjali Devi is responsible for whatever circumstances they are going through. Meanwhile, he assures that at any cost he will definitely take revenge but suddenly his father gets awake and asks them to go for sleeping. Roma sees everything and says that if she would not have been shown her sister’s photo to the Oswal family. So they would not have to face these circumstances whose consequences are affecting them a lot.

Later, Geetanjali Devi addresses Choti Simar as Jethani of one month and says that now she will have to do all rituals for this false marriage. She agrees to him and leaves with her mother-in-law, on the other hand, Aditi is very eager to send Reema to her husband’s room. Reema’s happiness has no bounds because finally, she achieved whatever she wanted because now she got a surname of Oswal’s and now she also has all right to their house.

Then Ahaan taunts Choti Simar that she always says that Music is her worship and leaves the place. At the same time, Gagan gets a video call from Aditi and she informs that Badi Maa has accepted them. Another side, Ahaan wonders that he knows all intentions of Reema but how can he make Vivaan understand. Spontaneously Vivaan comes to Ahaan and apologizes to him by saying that please forgive him. So do not miss to watch it on Colors at 06:30 PM and for more updates stay connected with us. 


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