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Sasural Simar Ka 2 (SSK2) 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Reema Is Using Vivaan?


Tonight’s episode of the show starts with, Reema talking to Aarav saying that she knew that whatever he is doing is just because he wants to get Simar’s signatures on divorce papers and she says that she knows that he still loves her. She then says, she must get him back in her life and that too soon, she says him to wait just for a month. A disgruntled Aarav says to her that he never expects this from her, he then says that it’s their nuptial night and his brother is going to touch her tonight. Reema says him not to be worried because she will not let him come closer.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 (SSK2) 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Reema Is Using Vivaan?

The angry Aarav asks her says her to get out of the room before he does something that she never expected from him. He then asks her if she has a bit of scruple in herself. She replies that she loves him not everyone. He says that his brother went against the entire family just to make you a bride of this house and you are doing all this with him. He says that his brother in her love madly and what she is giving him and he can give his life for her as well.

She asks him that he came here just to ask if she loves him or not, she replies that she does not love him, and this it the answer. She says “I Love You Aarav”, he says her to be within her limits. He says her to get out of the room, she asks what will he does if she does not leave, he holds her hand angrily and opens the door where he sees Simar standing at the door.

Aarav gets shocked to see her, Reema says her to see as Aarav is holding her hand, Simar looks shockingly towards them, Reema smiles and leaves from there. Aarav says Simar to listen while Simar goes to Reema and holds her hand to stop her, but Reema brushes off her hand saying that she already warned her not to interfere in her matter. She then asks Simar that why is she feeling bad as she is just a pawn here in the house.

Simar replies that she is not a pawn here but she is the Badi Bahu of the Oswal family. Reema says she does not care about it. Simar replies “you made your younger sister wear your bridal dress and sit in the absence of yours, I never wanted to be there at your place but you are just a selfish person who wanted to get hype not family’s happiness”. Reema looks at her angrily when Simar tells her that she is just playing with Vivaan’s (Devar Ji) innocence. The episode ends with some more drama so tune in to Colors TV tonight at the right time till then stay tuned and keep reading all the latest episode updates.


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