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Sasural Simar Ka 2 (SSK2) Latest Written Update 10th Sept 2021 Today’s Episode Spoilers


Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated in your favorite show Sasural Simar Ka 2 where Badi Maa has fumed at Simar saying not to interfere in house matter because she is not the Bahu of the Oswal family. On the other side, Simar decides that she is not going to interrupt them again. However, Aarav takes her to Yamini Devi to let her teach about music where Yamini Devi says Aarav to bring Simar at sharp 12 where Aarav requests her if he can come at 11 or 11:30 because they have Ganpati pooja at their house at the same time, Yamini Devi agrees and as you have watched in the previous episode that Simar and Aarav have reached the house just 10 minutes before the pooja begins.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 SSK2 Latest Written Update 10th Sept 2021 Today's Episode Spoilers

Tonight’s episode of SSK2 you will watch, Simar, making Modaks for Ganpati Pujan. There, in the Pandal Pandit Ji asks for Prasad, Sandhya says that she will bring it. Badi Maa stops her saying she does not trust anyone and says that she will go by herself to get all the dumplings. She leaves to the kitchen where Simar is making Modaks, Simar sees Badi Maa coming closer to the kitchen, and if she watches her then she will ruin the entire environment of Pooja but there is something that happens before Badi maa enters the kitchen.

Badi Maa knocks on Aarav’s room saying she is coming inside, she enters the room where she sees Aarav standing holding the Aarti Plate. Aarav looks at her and says that he was getting the plate ready and was about to come to the Pandal. Badi Maa smiles and says him to come, Aarav leaves next to her. There Simar enters the kitchen where Maharaj Ji says her to help him otherwise today they will lose their jobs. Simar asks her why he replies that Badi Maa is angry today because of the Pooja and she can fume at him anytime if the prasad does not get ready before the time.

There, Avinash says to Gagan that he has talked with one of his friends in Delhi regarding Gagan’s job and he said him to sent the CV attached with other documents. Indu asks him if he will go for the job. Gagan replies that he will go to work. Gagan then knees down and apologises to Avinash saying he has hurt his entire family and from now on he is not going to do something that ruins his parent’s image among society. Indu chants Ganpati Bappa Mourya and prays to give some more strength to his family to tolerate upcoming happiness and sadness. The episode ends with some more drama, so don’t forget to watch the complete episode tonight at the right time and stay tuned with us to know what will happen when Badi Maa will see Simar in the kitchen making Modaks.


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