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Sasural Simar Ka 2 SSK2 Today’s Episode 12th July 2021 Written Update: Aarav & Simar’s Romance


In the latest episode of the show’s starting, you will watch, Roma, counting the notes saying that it is just 30 thousand. Lalit tells her that he was withdrawn a total of 50 thousand but he paid 20K for Reema’s hotel bill and the rest of the amount has given to her. Roma insists on him taking a house on rent, he replies that he can’t afford a house on rent and that too at this time, he says nowadays they are not financially stable so she should shit to her parent’s house and it would be the better option.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 SSK2 Today's Episode 12th July 2021 Written Update: Aarav & Simar's Romance

Roma asks him that how can he even think to shift to a place where no one even respects her. Lalit says either they have to stay here or shit to in-laws’ house, Roma gets sad. There, Shobha talks to her husband and tells him that she is missing her child. Lalit’s father decides to call his son and let them get back to the house. Shobha says that she is not going to call him and if he wants so he can she won’t stop him.

In another scene, Vivaan thinks of Reema, he gets a message from her in which she wrote that if their relationship is no scope then she is having that, she further says that if starting a new life with Vivaan is not in her fate so, she should end her life, at the end of the text she wrote that it is all up to Vivaan if he wants to marry her or want to see a died Reema. Vivaan gets tensed after the message he sits in shock and thinks about Reema and also thinks that she has already attempted suicide once and has confessed her love for him as well.

In the last scene, you will watch, Simar talking to Maharaj and tells him that perhaps they will be setting the table. Sandhya comes there and says Simar to leave everything and get ready for the occasion because Kajal and her family are coming. Simar says that she is all set she was just checking the last time if the arrangements are perfect or not. Sandhya says that it is her order to go and get ready right now.

Simar nods, before leaving Simar tells the workers to serve welcome drinks to them. She collides with Aarav while going. Simar falls while Aarav holds her hand and the entire Haldi paste falls on him and gets applied on Simar as well. He smiles watching her face and wipes the turmeric out of her face. He goes smiling while Simar stops him and tells him that he is also having some turmeric on his face as well, she goes to clean his face with her dupatta. Both look at each other and the song plays. The episode ends here.


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