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Sasural Simar Ka 2 SSK2 Today’s Episode 22nd June 2021: Badi Maa Gets Angry At Badi Simar


The latest episode of the show starts with, Badi Simar coming to Choti one and apologize, she says that she promised her that she will stay always with her and she is so glad that she chose her and she does not have any repentance on her choice. Simar tells her that she is perfect to be the daughter-in-law of Oswal’s and says her to keep patience until everything gets normal as one day the entire family will accept her. Simar says to Choti Simar not to feel alone here because there are two of her friends in her Laws house, and they will take care of her like parents.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 SSK2 Today's Episode 22nd June 2021: Badi Maa Gets Angry At Badi Simar

Simar makes her realize that Badi Maa’s anger will go down soon, you should not be worried because it’s Mata Rani’s wish and blessing that she chose her for Aarav and Mata Rani did not want her to lose her first love. Simar advises her to win Aarav’s heart as she will not get a perfect life partner like him. Simar hugs her saying take care of yourself and not worry. Both Simar cries, everyone looks at them, Simar stops her to cry.

Simar shows the Choti one that holy pendant which she made her wear and tells, it will keep your strength, you just have to be strong and have faith in her. Badi Simar comes to Badi Maa and takes her blessings touching her feet, she says that one day you will get to know why I chose Choti Simar over Reema for Aarav and on that day you will be proud of your Simar and I’m waiting for that day. Badi Maa turns her face, Simar looks at Sandhya and folds her hand, and looks towards Aarav and Gajendra before leaving. Simar leaves.

Meanwhile, Shobha comes and says, you didn’t get my words what I told you, Daughters are not accepted in this house, they are just being used here. Simar tells her that daughters are not greedy to be accepted in their own house. Simar says that she is not sad because of leaving but she is happy that she has brought happiness to the house, at least now I can sleep happily without being worried.

No doubt that the show has reached a very interesting turn. In the upcoming episode you will watch, Badi Simar leaves the house and when she goes some goons come there and surround her, they tease her and lift her veil in the air meanwhile, Aarav reaches there and catches her Chunni and beats all those goons and gets Simar back to the house. So if you are keenly excited about the episode so stay tuned with us.


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