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Sasural Simar Ka 2 (SSK2) Written Update 14th September 2021 Full Episode Spoilers


In the latest episode of the show, you all are going to watch some more drama on your screens. Well, tonight’s episode begins with, Simar standing near Sandhya and telling her about her new job. Simar tells her that the recording will start soon. Sandhya smiles and asks her that it is good news but why she is telling it sadly. She blesses her, Simar hugs her and recalls Badi Maa’s words, and gets sad again, Sandhya asks her if she tells this to anyone in the house, Simar denies it. Sandhya says that if Badi Maa gets to know about this then she must be angry not only at her but at Aarav too.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 SSK2 Written Update 14th September 2021 Full Episode Spoilers

She will send her out of the house before the remaining 12 days. Simar replies that she has to work on her habits and has to change herself after 12 days because, after this, life is going to be something else. Sandhya asks her if she is sure because now she is running out of time, Simar tells her about Ganda Rasam and says that becoming a singer is her life’s dream. Sandhya smiles and says not to tell anyone about this. Sandhya admires her saying it is a good thing that she has decided about her carrier but still she suggests her not to tell about the rasam and all to anyone.

Simar nods and promises that she is not going to tell this to anyone. Simar smiles saying that everything turned into reality just because of Aarav Ji. Meanwhile, Aarav comes there and asks her about his bag, Sandhya looks on, Sandhya smiles seeing him, he replies that Simar always keeps his stuff safe and clean so he does not need to check anything. He says Simar to come with him and get him the bag and files. Both leave, while Sandhya thinks about Simar and prays about her future.

There, Vivaan calls Reema but she does not pick that up, Vivaan goes thinking why she is making him a stranger when she is in trouble and asks her that what kind of love is this. Indu comes to their room and says her to pick that call up. Reema replies that it is a spam call, Indu looks at her and asks why do her eyes are swollen, Reema replies that if a Bahu is having a saas like Geetanjali Devi so it is just an expected thing. Indu says her not to speak like this because she is not only saas but also the grandmother of Vivaan and he is not going to bear this anymore. The episode is having more drama so don’t forget to watch it tonight at the right time.


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