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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 23rd June 2021: Aarav Gets Angry On Simar Bhardwaj


The latest episode of the show starts with, Simar praying to Goddess saying you showed this way to make this relationship and now she is everything leaving on Mata Rani. Simar says that you made this relation and now you have to give them strength and positivity to keep Aarav and Choti Simar’s relation so that no one can come between them and they will stay together till 7 births. Simar talks to the goddess and says “I hope you won’t punish Choti Simar for the stuff she has not even done”.

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Simar prays to Mata Rani to be with her as Choti Simar needs her blessing. Aarav comes there and asks her what he has done badly with her. Simar asks him what is he saying. Aarav says that she is the one whom he trusts blindly even if she says it is night so he will say it is night no matter if it is morning, I love you so much, how can you betray me? Simar replies if you love me this much then how can you say that my decision is wrong and I betrayed you.

Aarav says when he was a kid his mother showed him a bottle of vermillion saying that this is the auspicious thing that can ever happen to women in her life, and I think that I chose the wrong person for my names’ vermillion, was it right to marry her? Aarav says, he took those seven vows and get married to a person because of whom his family got insulted in front of the media, what is good in all this? Simar tells him that Choti Simar is the right thing in all this. While walking Simar thinks of Indu and Avinash scolding their daughter for taking Reema’s place, then she reminds when she went to Avinash and demand Choti Simar’s hand for Aarav.

Aarav says her that still she is not clarifying Choti Simar. Simar says to him “what do you think? is marrying you was an easy step for Choti Simar whose elder sister was about to tie the knot with you”. Simar then tells him that Choti Simar was sacrificing her desires for the happiness of two families. She further says you are thinking about Reema who ran away from her mandap just because of her competition, well, leave I don’t want to talk about her. Simar says, Choti Simar had an option to deny but she did not do that because she can’t her family getting insulted. Badi Simar tells him further and the episode ends here. Stay tuned to read more episodes.


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