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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode Update 19th July 2021: Aarav Brings Food For Vivaan


The latest episode begins with, Aarav brings food for Vivaan, he enters the room while Badi Maa’s guards stop him saying that he can’t go inside, he says them to open the door but they say that it can’t be opened without Badi Maa’s permission. Aarav gets angry at them saying don’t you know I’m saying this, the guard has to open the door, Aarav goes inside and sit with Vivaan. He says him to have food. Vivaan denies having food, Aarav says him that he will eat together as he also did not eat.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today's Episode Update 19th July 2021: Aarav Brings Food For Vivaan

He makes him eat from his hands and tells him that since everything is getting bad he is also not eating anything. Both of them sits and have the food while thinking back to the time when they used to be a child. He tries to feed him while Vivaan says him to eat first. Aarav eats first then he tries to put morsels in his mouth but he denies saying that Reema is also hungry since morning. He further says that he tied the knot with her and made promises that he won’t leave her even for a minute but she is facing everything just because of him and his family as well. He says that he promised her that she is his responsibility and now look what Badi Maa has done.

Vivaan gets a teary eye saying Badi Maa points her gun towards her and she also pulled the trigger, he asks what if something had happened that who will be responsible for that. Aarav replies that he knows everything that is happening should not happen and he is trying to talk to Badi Maa and soon her anger will be down and then she will listen. Vivaan replies that she won’t listen and he knows that Badi Maa never accept her but he will stay with Reema till his death. He wipes his tear and says that he will not let anyone do anything wrong with her, as he is with her till his eyes close for forever and last breathe. Aarav says him to listen at least and he assures him that everything will be fine soon, Vivaan starts to cry.

On the other side Simar goes to Reema and knocks on her door saying open the door and have food, she tells her that She and Aarav are trying to make things well and soon everything will be fine. Reema says her to go and convince Badi Maa first because until she accepts her into her family nothing will happen well. Simar gets sad. Don’t forget to watch the amazing episode tonight on Colors TV because the episode will end with some more drama. Till then stay tuned with us to catch all the spoiler alerts.


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