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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s SSK2 Written Episode 17th June 2021: Vivaan Exposes Reema


The upcoming episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 begins where Vivaan takes Reema towards the Bride’s room and says to open her eyes. Meanwhile, mentions that all the stuff that Devesh is saying for her and her mother is totally inappropriate and false. Then he remembers that Chitra made a call to Devesh, and says that they can not do this. Another side, Preist asks Aarav to feed the bride’s head with auspicious vermillion, at the same time Simar2 recalls all the moments which she spent with Aarav, and meanwhile, Preist elaborates the reason behind Vermillion.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today's SSK2 Written Episode 17th June 2021: Vivaan Exposes Reema

Then Aarav fills her head with vermillion without looking at her face according to the rituals and later makes her wear “Mangalsutra”. After watching it, Simar two cries a lot because her all dreams git shattered and their wedding is completed. Then they get the blessings of their elders and meanwhile, Chitra tries to open the bride’s veil but spontaneously Aarav stops her. Then Indu comes to her and says that from today her priority is her in-law family and blabbers in her ear that she should leave her dream to become a singer.

After that, Aarav and Simar 2 take blessings of Avinash, and meanwhile, she hugs him and starts crying. Extempore Priest informs them that now they will have to complete the last ritual under which “the bride has to throw wheat behind her without looking turn” and will pray to god for their health and wealth. While Indu catches it with her “Pallu” and recalls all the moments which they have spent together. Then Aarav makes her sit in the car and holds her hand to make her console but she gets tensed.

Then Chitra calls Devesh and informs him that due to him her plan has been failed but he says that everything has done according to her plan and strategy. Then mentions that Reema did not reach the pavilion and she gets shocked to hear him and thinks that so who is a bride. Then he assures her that bride is not Reema for sure and she needs to check who is a bride. On the other hand, Aarav sets a pilon under Reema’s neck and asks to open her eyes.

Then Vivaan says that he should inform about Reema’s betray because it’s not appropriate enough. He keeps on dialing Aarav’s call but he is not receiving it, and Vivaan says that how could she do this. Then Vivaan says that Reemabetray will make her brother’s heart shattered and again makes a call so that, he can stop the wedding but he did not familiar that the wedding has completed already. So do not miss to watch it on Colors at 06:30 PM and for more updates stay tuned with us.


  1. sooner or later vivaan will end up telling Aarav about reema betrayal on the wedding day which is that she ran away from the wedding on the wedding day just to fulfill her career in miss India and that she lost at the end and also that she was the one who ended up dressing her sister choti simar your wife Aarav choti simar as a bride and she told her sister to sit for a while until she returns to marry you Aarav but at the end she ended up betraying her own sister choti simar your wife Aarav along with her parents, you Aarav and your family so that you Aarav will not be hating choti simar your wife for her mistakes because truly reema is the cause of your family hating choti simar and you not accepting simar as your wife but when you are really meant to accept her as your wife wholeheartedly because she is really better than her sister reema who really betrayed you and your family not her sister.


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