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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s SSK2 Written Update 6th Dec 2021: Will Simar Get Caught?


In the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2, there will be a lot of drama as usual. So, the episode begins with, Gagan asking Simar to come as Aditi wants to talk to her. Aditi sees her and gets super happy seeing her and says that she is flying today seeing her Bhabhi back in her house. Gagan says her to stay there as he is going to meet Reema for some rituals of Bhai Dooj. He says Aditi to take Simar inside because her standing out can result in the drama that no one wants now.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today's SSK2 Written Update 6th Dec 2021: Will Simar Get Caught?

Simar steps inside the house and the environment gets pleasing but then Aditi thinks that what will happen if Tai Ji sees him and how will he tackle it. Reema then sees Aditi and calls her as soon as Simar gets to know about the call she gets scared thinking that Reema has seen her and she will create drama as usual and just to stay away from the drama she hides. Reema says that she is coming down, Aditi and Simar both get shocked thinking what will happen now, Reema steps downstairs. Meanwhile, Aditi takes Simar away Reema sees there and thinks that where Aditi has gone just in a few minutes.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Written Episode

She then goes to the kitchen in the search of Aditi and finds her right there, Reema asks her if she is hiding something that she should not, Aditi replies that why would she hide something from her dear Bhabhi. Reema asks if she is sure, Aditi says that she just wanted to quench the thirst so she came to the kitchen and there is nothing like being worried and thinking that she is hiding something from her.

Reema then looks around in the kitchen but does not find anything, she then gets a message from Gagan and leaves telling Aditi that she has to go for Gagan’s tilak. Aditi nods, Reema asks her if she is fine, Aditi says that she is perfectly fine and why she is asking this, Reema replies that she just took Gagan’s name and why did she not react to this. She replies that Gagan was just her past and she can’t hurt herself every time remembering him. So, the episode ends here and there is too much drama that is waiting for you so just stay tuned with us to read all the further updates on the show.


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