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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Written Update 4th August 2021 Episode Simar Comes Back Home


Tonight’s episode starts with, Simar saying to Aarav that she can’t record the song right now as she is not feeling up. She says him to take her home back, he says that he knows she is very tired and he will talk to Badi Maa about this and hope she will understand. Simar replies that she is not complaining about Badi Maa because she is right at her place but she is just talking about the circumstances which are forcing her. Simar says to Aarav that they should not go against Badi Maa because it won’t be a good thing and tells her to go home instead of the recording studio.

Sasural Simar Ka Written UpdateSasural Simar Ka Written Update

There, Vivaan and Reema arrive in Oswal’s Mansion, Reema says to Vivaan that Badi Maa won’t sigh until they start to dance to her tune because as per her views no one is a human being who denies to obey her and she has crossed her limits by sending police at her house to humiliate her father. Vivaan says her to be calm on which she replies that how can she forget whatever Badi Maa has done with her family. She says that whatever they all are going through is just because of her Badi Maa, Vivaan says her to keep some patience because even Badi Maa got hurt doing this and she just wants some time and soon she will forgive everyone. Reema laughs saying Oh.. so she will forgive everyone who has created the entire drama.

Veer says this is not a good thing, she says wow… and asks him that did not see her father’s condition. He says that he has seen everything but it does not mean that she will do such misbehave towards his Dadi. He says that she is not just this house’s head but she is his Dadi and she brought up with so much love and luxuriousness which he just can’t forget. He says “I’m accepting whatever she did, should not do but you can only criticize her but can’t misbehave and he won’t any kind of misconduct against his Dadi.

Before the end of the episode you will watch, Simar aiding Aarav’s hand and gets sad when Aarav feels pain. She asks him if he is really getting pain. He says no, he was just kidding. Simar ties the bandage tightly then he really feels some pain. Simar looks at the pic of Yamini Devi and feels bad thinking that she insulted the music today and wasted her time and return come back home without meeting him. Meanwhile, Badi Maa comes there and looks at Simar. The episode ends here, don’t forget to watch the complete episode and stay tuned to read more episode updates.


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