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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Watch Today’s Episode 21-6-2021 Written Update: Aarav and Everyone Gets Sad


As you all know that the show is turning more interesting with every episode, therefore, we are here to unveil the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2. Tonight’s episode begins with, housemates getting to know that it is Simar, not Reema who tied the knot with Aarav and everyone gets sad to know this because she is not whom they wanted to make their daughter-in-law. Badi Maa gets angry at Badi Simar saying that she knows everything from the very beginning and she did not tell her, in anger she says Badi Simar to leave the house.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Aarav’s mother comes there and says to Badi Maa that Aarav has tied to knot with Simar and now they are married so they can’t do anything in this and Badi Simar is the first daughter-in-law of this house and she is not going to leave the house. Badi Maa yells at her saying she should stay away from this and better be quiet until asked anything. Badi Maa continues to yells at Simar saying she never thought that her pride her Badi Simar will hide something from her. Badi Simar does not say anything and keeps her silent because she knows that it was her fault and she should tell this but she was unable to do anything at that time.

Everyone in the house is not happy except Aarav’s aunt because she wanted this to happen and was waiting for the moment and she thinks whatever she planned is happening. There Aarav is in shock thinking that it was not what he expected for but now he has to be happy and accept the marriage because he promised to her aunt and can’t hurt her. There Simar is crying while Aarav’s mother goes to her and makes her calm saying be happy and don’t worry everything will be fine soon and everyone in the house will love you, you have to be strong and keep patience. She tells that she wants her to be a good daughter-in-law so that she can say proudly her daughter.

At the end of the episode, you will watch, Aarav talking to Choti Simar and warning her not to touch his stuff in the room and to show any interest in him. He tells her that he does not like someone touching his stuff in his room and this is the first and last time he is telling her happily. The episode ends here to stay tuned to get all the latest episode updates.


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