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Sasural Simar Ka 2: Will Reema Kill Herself? 6th July 2021 Today’s Written Update


As you all know that Colors TV’s show Sasural Simar Ka 2 is turning piping hot with every episode and tonight there will be some more amazing things are going to take place and as you all know that Reema’s life is just ruined almost so there is something that is going to happen with Reema. Well, tonight’s episode begins with, Choti Simar telling Aarav that she wants to make her carrier in music, Aarav says to him that this is good that she wants to make her own identity but he can’t make Badi Maa unhappy by supporting her.

Sasural Simar Ka 2: Will Reema Kill Herself? 6th July 2021 Today's Written Update

She says, music is the language of love and emotions and she will win her heart soon. Simar tells her that she is the daughter-in-law of this house and she won’t do anything that affects Aarav and the entire family’s image in society. Meanwhile, Aditi comes and says that he should support her because she is his and his family’s pride now and she makes him feel saying “suppose I tied the knot with someone where no one cares about her dreams and all then what will she feel”.

Vivaan there goes to check Reema’s room that what else she has left for the flight, he looks around and enters the bathroom where he sees Reema drowning in a bathtub and bleeding as she has attempted suicide. He gets scared of her he takes her and rushes towards the hospital.

Doctors tell him that thank god he brought her at the right time hence she is out of danger but if he gets a few bit late then perhaps she won’t take breathe. He makes a request to doctors if he can stay with her, doctors allow him to stay, while he gets a call from Aarav but he makes some excuses and says that he has some work so due to this he won’t come home tonight. He stays with her all night.

There, Simar tries to help Sandhya in the kitchen, meanwhile, Kajal sees her and says that it’s her place in the family. Kajal looks at her and asks why she does not get angry at her. Simar tells her that no job is small or big, it’s all about time and responsibilities. She starts helping the others in the kitchen there Kajal is still standing having no idea about Simar’s view. Aarav sees her and gets impressed by her thoughts. The episode ends here, stay in touch to read the latest episodes before airing on the television.


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