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Sasural Simar Ka 2: Will Vivaan kill Himself? Today’s Written Episode 21st July 2021


Tonight’s episode of Sasural Simar Ka is going to be so dramatic as the episode begins with, Vivaan and the entire Oswal family in the hall. Reema hears the sound of yelling so she gets worried about Vivaan, she says “If someone is here so please open the door”, but no one comes there, she tries to call him but he does not pick. Vivaan says that he always respects his Badi Maa and obeys her every order despite finding that wrong most of the time but as she said he choose Reema or her so he does not have any other way to end himself.

sasural simar ka 2 21st July 2021

He says that he can’t disrespect Badi Maa and also can’t leave Reema for her because he tied the knot with her, He pushes the lighter button to burn himself, meanwhile, Aarav screams “Chotey”… Vivaan says that his happiness is nothing for them and says to Badi Maa that she made his love a sin. Vivaan says crying that she kept his wife all day locked in the room and that too hungry, he says that he will end himself today. Chitra requests him to throw the lighter, he says that his death will be remembered forever, he looks at Badi Maa and says that society and the entire family will remember the injustice she did with him and the behave Badi Maa has done and still doing with her blood.

Suddenly Badi Maa gets shocked and gets into a flashback when her husband married another woman and brought her home. She poured carnosine on herself to burn but her kids came and hug her, she says to her husband that how can he forget that she applies the vermillion of his name and keep the Mangalsutra hand in her neck all the time, the flashback ends.

Badi Maa gets teary eye, while everyone continues to shout at Vivaan saying him to throw the lighter. Sandhya, Simar, Aarav, and all say to stop but he denies saying no one will come near him otherwise he will do what he should not. A crying Chitra goes to Badi Maa and pleads with her to stop him. Sandhya also comes there saying stop him as he is the grandson of this family and do something before it is late. Now one thing is clear that tonight’s episode is going to be so interesting and dramatic as well, so don’t miss the drama tonight. Hit your televisions tonight at 6:30 PM and till then stay tuned with us to read more episodes glimpse.


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