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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode 13th July 2021 Gajendra Praising Aarav and Give Him Blessings


As you all know that the makers of Sasural Simar ka 2 are making the show too interesting for the audience so that they can attract the viewers to the show. No doubt that the show is turning so dramatic and also a little bit romantic with every day, therefore, tonight’s episode begins with, Gajendra praising Aarav and give him blessings. Kajal and Gupta Ji both come to Oswal’s house for the wedding. Chitra and Giriraj welcome them and congratulate their daughter’s life’s special day. Gupta asks where is Geetanjali Devi, meanwhile, she comes and wish congratulates them and adores Kajal saying that she is looking pretty.

Gupta deliberately asks for Simar on which Geetanjali Devi gets angry, Aarav says him that everything is fine and she goes to get Simar. Aarav goes to the room, when he reaches the room he falls on Simar because she is wearing the same colour’s dress Aarav is wearing. She is standing in front of the mirror and facing struggles to put on earrings, Aarav goes and helps her to put those. He adores her for her dress saying that it is looking like it was made for her and waiting for you to wear it. Aditi there says Vivaan to come as Kajal has come. He replies that he just needs five minutes to come, though he is in the dilemma that should he marry Kajal or Reema, suddenly he sees the texts of Reema again and makes his mind that what he has to choose now.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode



Indu comes there to Reema to give her the Prasad but when she enters her room she looks around but did not find Reema there. She gets some strange vibes and she goes to Reema’s wardrobe and checks, she gets shocked when she sees there are no clothes. Roma calls Indu and says her to give some Prasad to Avinash as he is getting late for college. Indu takes her to Reema’s room and tells her about missing clothes, she also gets shocked to see meanwhile, Avinash comes there and asks about Reema.

Aarav keeps looking at Simar and gives him some cream, she looks at him, she tries to open it but cannot open it as the cap is tight, he takes and opens that for her, He takes some cream and applies it to Simar’s ear so that her earings won’t feel pain in her ears. Simar looks at him, he says her not to get uncomfortable, She looks at the mirror and says that now she is looking at Oswal’s Bahu. There, everyone is all set for the wedding and just waiting for Vivaan. Avinash there in the house asks Indu about Reema, Indu and Roma both get tensed about Reema. Roma says Indu not to take much tension as they will find her. They go out to search for Reema, there in Oswal’s house everyone is happy about the wedding and waiting for Vivaan but Vivaan does not come. The episode ends here let’s see how Reema and Vivaan will face their family, and to know about the next episode stay tuned with us and don’t forget to watch it tonight at the right time on Colors TV.


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