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Sasural Simar ka 2 Written Episode 19th August 2021: SSk 2 क्या गगन पकड़ा जायेगा?


Hey!, readers, you all must be watching the daily episodes of the show called “Sasural Simar Ka 2” and no doubt the show is becoming an addiction at its time slot because now it has turned into a different drama where everyone is angry at everyone. In the previous you must have watched that Reema calls Gagan to tell him that he is not safe now as Badi Maa is about to reach, so he decides to relocate himself and Aditi as well, Suddenly Aarav and Simar reaches the hotel and gets shocked when both see Aditi in Gagan’s arms.

Sasural Simar ka 2 written episode

The latest episode of the show begins where, Simar comes out of the room and gets stunned seeing Badi Maa, Giriraj, Gajendra and their goons heading towards the room and Gagan is still inside. Simar begs them to leave her brother. Gajendra drags Gagan where Aditi also pleads with him to leave Gagan. Badi Maa calls the female constable to come inside to take her out. Aarav stops everyone asking “what you guys are going to do now?” Aarav says to Badi Maa she had so many enemies before this but she did not do anything like this and now her anger is going to take a life. He then says to her that she always taught them that life is way important than somebody’s respect and values then why today has forgotten everything which she told.

He yells saying that she is going to attempt a murder today, he then adds “don’t forgive him ever but please don’t take his life at least”. Badi Maa replies that this boy has ruined their respect in the city and today she can do whatever she wants no matter if she kills one or more than 5 but all she wants is to protect her respect. Aarav requests again, Badi Maa replies that he has been colored in these girls’ colors hence today he got this much courage that he is coming in our way and stopping us. He replies that he has not been colored in anyone’s color and he is not a kid who can nod everywhere but he is just requesting them not to kill him, he also says that he is not even against them.

Gajendra fires in the air and entered the room, Simar and Aditi scream, Simar rushes to the room and sighs when she sees Gagan is not here. Aditi does the same. Everyone looks around in the room and says where has he gone. Gajendra calls his men and cops inside and says them to find him out. Giriraj tells Gajendra that someone is taking him away. Gajendra gets angry and chases the man. The episode ends here, don’t forget to watch the complete episode tonight at the right time and stay tuned with us to know more about the show.


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