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Sasural Simar ka 2 Written Episode 20th August 2021 Will Gagan be Nabed?


Colors TV’s Sasural Simar Ka’s second season has reached another kind of drama now and in the previous episode we watched that finally Geetanjali Devi and her goons along with cops has reached the hotel where Gagan and Aditi were staying and after her arrival in the hotel everyone whether it is Aditi or Simar itself everyone begs to Badi Maa to leave Gagan Aarav also knees down and requests her not to kill Gagan because Badi Maa’s anger is on seventh heaven.

Sasural Simar ka 2 20th August 2021

Tonight’s episode begins with, Indu burns a lamp in her house’s temple and Avinash sitting on the bed. However, both are tensed that what is going to happen next as their life is not going even straight meanwhile, the doorbell rings, Indu gets uneasy and says, Gagan… Indu opens the door and sees Aarav and Simar standing there. Avinash also thinks that his son has reached home he comes out of the house and sees his daughter. Indu asks her if he is hiding Gagan as he is not with them, she asks where is Gagan? Simar starts crying, Indu asks her again saying “you promised that you will bring him back then where is he”. She asks her if anything happened with him? Simar replies that Bhai is fine and says her to have trust in her. Suddenly Avinash thinks about Simar and Aarav’s 1 monthly notice period and gets out of his senses thinking of the same because they are already going through so many things and in between all mess if Aarav leaves them then they will be completely helpless.

Avinash is about to faint, Aarav sees him and rushes to hold him, Indu gets more worried seeing them, she says him to sit. Aarav takes him to the couch and makes him sit there. He asks Avinash if he is fine. Avinash folds his hands saying his son has ruined everything and due to this he has no words so that he is not even able to say sorry. Avinash says that Gagan didn’t even leave us to show their face to anyone in society, he apologizes to him again by folding hands. Aarav holds his hands and says not to apologize to him, he goes and gets some water for him.

Indu asks Simar about Gagan, Simar replies that wherever he is, is safe. She asks him to tell her about his location and says that as she promised her that she will take him back to the house then why she came empty hands. Simar replies that she went do the same but Gagan has eloped even from there. Indu starts crying saying she is not a good mother and there is must be some default in her abidance. Simar sits in front of her and says her not to cry thinking about him because she is the best mother in the world. The episode ends with another shocking twist so don’t forget to watch the complete episode tonight at the right time and stay tuned with us to know more about the dramatic daily soap of Colors TV.


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