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Sasural Simar Ka (SSK) 2 Written Episode 2nd July 2021 Latest News & Updates Spoiler Alert


Tonight’s episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 begins where you will watch, Gagan seems to be worried for Reema, he asks about her to all her friends but he does not get anything about her. Indu also sullens, she goes to the kitchen where she sees Lalit preparing the tea, she says him to go as she will make it. Lalit replies that since he entered the house he is seeing Roma doing the chores but now she can take a rest as he will do everything as their kid.

There Aarav comes to his room, and Aditi leaves the room when she sees him coming towards her. Simar tells him that whatever she has put on everything is given by Aditi and she will return the jewellery and the bridal dress after getting everything cleaned. She looks into his eyes and thanks to him for saving her from those goons and also for keeping her with him. She apologizes from Reema’s side. She tells him that she knows that much money has spent on the wedding and she makes a promise that she will return all the money soon and for this, she will do some job, Aarav smiles after listing this.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Updates

There Roma talks to Lalit and says that his new job is good and now they can take a house on rent and shift there. Lalit tells her that if we take a house on rent then there will be some more responsibilities and the other thing we will be paying for living. He tells her that this time her parents need her therefore she should stay with them rather than owning a separate house. She tells him that she wants to live a peaceful and respected life and if she lives in her parent’s house then no doubt that her respect will lose.

There Aarav smiles and says that after doing a job she won’t be able to return the money, Simar asks that what can she does for it, she says that add some interest she will pay. He says that do something which is quite good, she asks what, Aarav takes the divorce papers out of the cupboard and says her to read and sign these. Aarav says that he will file these papers after one month and after this, her family’s debt will be settled down. The episode is going to be so interested so watch it at the right time tonight only on Colors TV. Till then stick around to read all the latest serial gossips.


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