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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode Update 15th June 2021: Will Reema Reach Mandap On Time?


The latest episode begins with, Choti Simar brought to the mandap by her family, there Chitra thinks of Reema that how will she reach here on the time. Reema there gets an auto rikshaw and insists the driver drive fast. Indu, Roma, Gagan and Avinash are worrying about her. Indu tells him to stay positive and do the duty of a father. Avinash tells her what how can he do when he knows that this is not the right thing that she is telling him to do. Gagan tells him that this is the only way we have to follow this time.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode Update 15th June 2021: Will Reema Reach Mandap On Time?

Avinash and his family bring Choti Simar to the mandap. Choti Simar gets tensed and starts praying to the goddess that whatever she is doing is in the favour of Badi Maa and her family. Choti Simar and Aarav stand there for the rituals. Badi Simar thinks that the Choti one is the one who can handle all the responsibilities of our family. Simar prays to god if Aarav and Choti Simar is made for each other so please give me some sign. Choti Simar is about to faint meanwhile, Aarav holds her.

Simar thinks it must be a signal from god. Shobha asks if there is someone else behind the veil. Chitra goes to Devesh and says that we made a plan that Reema will be busy in the competition so who is she standing with Aarav. Devesh says it is impossible she can’t be Reema, Shobha tells her to shut up she is standing here in front of me and hangs up the call.

Devesh thinks, how can be it possible. Reema forces the driver to drive fast and tells him that today is her marriage and she has to reach as fast as she can. There the photographer request Choti Simar to lift the veil as they have to click their pictures. Aditi comes there and says that these pictures won’t be clear and good. Simar calls her.

Meanwhile, Badi Maa says that everyone should get to know what I got for my Aarav. Aditi goes to lift Choti Simar’s veil, meanwhile, Simar stops her saying that in Narayan’s there is a ritual that the bride has to be behind the veil until the wedding gets done. She also says that we can take pictures anytime as they are going to be the pair and if you allow this so we can respect their cultures and rituals. The episode ends here, stay tuned to get more updates.


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