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Sasural Simar Ka SSK 2 Episode 13th Oct 2021 Written Update Badi Maa Slaps Simar?


The latest episode of Sasural Simar ka 2 will bring some more drama tonight to your screens, well the episode begins with, Sandhya telling Simar that she does not have time left to stay in the house because now she has to left the house. Aarav looks at Sandhya with teary eyes and says “No Maa please don’t send her”. Sandhya says that after giving complete 25 years to this house she did not get anything and also her kids are not with her so in this scene Simar has to pack her bags and leave the house.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Aarav says that he will do everything his mother order and even he will talk to everyone in the house to let Simar stay in Oswal’s mansion. Sandhya says that her son has to defend his mother because this time she needs him the most. Aarav says that he will do everything she wants because he just doesn’t want to go far from Simar. Sandhya then asks him that if she was right then why everyone is against her. Aarav and Simar look at her she says that all three children never consider her as their real mother. Sandhya continues to say that Badi Maa always says that she bought up all the three children and took their decisions for their betterment and says that she set the business and never even take her name anywhere and now when for the very first time she tried to protect her girl she said that her upbringing is not the right way.

Aarav requests her to be calm and not take Badi Maa’s words on the heart because she was in anger and she better know about Sandhya. Sandhya replies to him that his father asked her for the clarification and if it is not there then she has to apologise to Badi Maa. Sandhya cries saying that at least Aarav’s father could have understood her being a husband but he didn’t do that so whom can she expect. Aarav comes to Sandhya and says sorry to her and hugs her.

After too much heavy drama at the end of the episode, you will watch that finally Simar comes up and defends Sandhya directly in front of Badi Maa. Simar says to Badi Maa that Sandhya is not going anywhere and why would she go she did not do anything wrong. Badi Maa gets super angry at her and says that how dare she to teach her. Geetanjali then says that only 24 hours are left and just leave without interfering in their matter. The episode is going to be so amazing so don’t forget to watch it tonight and stick around to read more updates.


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