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Sasural Simar Ka (SSK) 2 Latest Episode 16th July 2021: Today’s Written Update & Spoilers


The latest episode begins with a very angry Geetanjali Devi who is recalling Kajal’s dad’s words, Bhairav looks at her and asks if she needs anything, she replies that she has to show her the old and dangerous version to everyone again because now people seem to forget her that Avtaar, she goes and opens her almirah and gets the rifle from behind all her dresses. She says to him that this time she won’t be calm and miss her target.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

There, Aarav comes home back and direct rushes to Geetanjali’s room, Bhairav stops him to enter, he asks what happened, Chitra standing there says that Simar and Reema is the reason behind what is going to happen from Badi Maa’s hand. Meanwhile, Reema and Vivaan both arrive at his house, Vivaan tells her that as he has promised her that he won’t leave her and be always with her now the test of life and promises will begin once they enter the house. He asks her if she is scared, she replies that when she was alone and scared the most he was with him so today when he is standing with her there is no chance to be scared of anything. Both of them gather some courage and decided to enter the house after taking a sigh.

Vivaan enters the house and knocks on the door, where Bhairav stops him at the gate saying that Badi Maa is as angry as she just does not want to see him, Vivaan requests him to let him talk to her once, he tries to talk to Badi Maa, there she is setting up her rifle to show her old version. On the other hand, the lamp is about to go off while Simar runs towards that and covers that with her hand and saves it, Sandhya also helps her. Simar says that this is a sign that something too unexpected is about to happen which should not be.

She also says that if Reema enters the house then Badi Maa will lose the cool of her mind and will do the worst, she thinks that they must have to stop Reema to enter the house. Meanwhile, a car arrives, Aarav rushes downstairs and tells Gajendra that Badi Maa is not opening the door and this is going to be worst. There Reema still thinks that she will take revenge on this family for everything that she and her family went through. Vivaan tells her not to be scared as they will face everything together because they have married each other with complete rituals. Well, the episode ends with a very interesting and spicy twist so tune in to Colors TV tonight at 6:30 and stay tuned with us to get all the latest written episodes.


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