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Sasural Simar Ka (SSK) 2 Today’s Episode 9th June 2021: Aarav Comes Late at Night


Today’s episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 will bring some more drama to your screen, as the show is going very dramatic with every episode no doubt that soon the daily soap will make its space in the list of top TRP television shows. In the previous episode, we have watched that Aarav goes to Choti Simar’s house with Chocolates, flowers, and a sorry card. He calls Simar and asks her to come out of the house, meanwhile Reema gets awake and she sees Aarav is standing next to her house. She gets angry with Simar and says that says Aarav to go away from here because she does not like Aarav’s presence for you and if Simar does not let him go so she will make noise and that will not be a good thing for Simar.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Tonight’s episode starts with, Aarav coming late at night and sees Gitanjali Devi standing there and waiting for him. She warns him saying that she does not want any trouble in this wedding now as everything got fine after a while. She further says that she won’t tolerate any drama with the Narayan family. Gitanjali Devi says you are getting married to your choice’s girl and if anything happens so that won’t be good for anyone. Aarav reminds how Simar has torn his sorry card, meanwhile, Reema calls him and asks if is he happy or not.

Aarav says, he is happy and making space for her clothes in his wardrobe. Reema asks him, how excited you are about the marriage. He does not say anything and keep his silence, Reema hangs up the call. The next morning Simar goes to Reema’s room and checks the clothes she is going to wear at her wedding. Reema comes there and shoves her aside. Indu and Roma come there and compliments her dress. Choti Simar apologizes but Reema reprimands her and says to leave. Reema gets her mobile and looks for the Miss India contestant.

She gets a message from Devesh, he writes that the contest is being held on tomorrow. She says that tomorrow is her wedding hence she can’t come. Gagan comes and tells her that be ready tomorrow at 5 PM as her wedding will take place at the time. Choti Simar looks at the watch and thinks how much time will Reema take to accept her apology. She again goes to Reema’s room and apologizes again. Reema forgives her but puts a condition. The episode ends here with this suspense, stay tuned to get the latest updates and to know what Reema has demanded.


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