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Sasural Simar ka (SSK) 2 Today’s Latest 9th July 2021 Episode : Aarav Gets Guilty of Slapping Vivaan


As you all know that the 2nd season of the show called “Sasural Simar Ka” is turning hot and as you all have watched in the previous episode that Reema and Vivaan got caught in a hotel where a huge drama took place. In the latest episode, you will watch. Badi Maa telling Simar that her sister Reema has been sold and Gupta Ji is the one who bought her with money, on the other side Reema texts Vivaan saying that they should get married now.

sasural simar ka 9th july 2021

The episode begins with, Simar asking Reema why did she attempt suicide, did he not think about her parents and everyone. Reema requests her to stop showing fake tears and tells her that everyone has gone in front of whom you should show these fake feelings and sympathy.

Sasural Simar ka 9-7-2021 Ep

Simar tells her that when she got to know that Reema is missing she sent Vivaan to search for her. Simar tells her that Chitra and some others have threatened to harm our family. Reema asks her so what should she do, should she get her self hide or keep quiet. Reema says that she does not have anything to lose now as Simar has snatched everything that she used to be scared of losing.

Reema further adds that Simar’s family has thrown her out of their house and life as well. Simar gets teary eyes saying that those are your parents too. Reema says that she has also kicked them out of her life and Simar too. This statement shakes Simar, she says her to leave the room, she comes towards her and shoves her out of the room. Simar falls on the floor while Aarav comes there, Simar looks at him and says Reema Di… Aarav holds her hand and takes her to the house.

After a huge drama in the last scene, you will watch, Aarav comes to Vivaan and asks him if he will take his entire anger out on the ropes. He replies that whatever he is doing just to secure his family. Aarav gets guilty saying that he should not have slapped him, he raises his hand to the wall to repent, while, Vivaan stops his hand saying “you are my elder brother and I love you more than anything and you can slap me many times because you have the right for that and you should not be guilty of this”. Vivaan slaps himself using Aarav’s hand, Aarav gets tears in his eyes and he hugs Vivaan. The episode ends stay tuned to get more written updates on the show. Till then stay tuned stay safe.


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