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Sasural Simar Ka (SSK) 2 Today’s Latest Episode 18th June 2021: Gagan Warns Avinash


As you all know that the show is getting amazing and kind of previous season, and the episodes are forcing its audience. Well, the latest episode begins with, Avinash who is sitting tense Gagan comes there and tells him that whatever was waiting to take place has happened. Avinash tells him that something big and worse will happen now because whatever they have done with Aarav’s family will result worse and this incident has shaken him. Vivaan comes out and sees the decoration taking off he says that now when the wedding is over so he calls a lady to take care of the unconscious lady.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest episode

There Choti Simar is crying in the car, Aarav looks at her and gives her a tissue to wipe out her tears. Reyansh says Aditi to sneak to the back seat that what is going there. Aditi says him to keep quiet and look straight. Reyansh suddenly pushes the break, Aarav keeps his hand on Simar’s veil and asks her if she is fine. He tells her that she told him something last night and now he wants to reply. He says “I Love You Too Reema”, Choti Simar behind the veil thinks that she deceived Reema and now Reema and Aarav can’t fuse just because of her.

There Badi Maa Asks Sandhya If she has prepared everything for the arrival of her new daughter-in-law. She tells her this is the time I was waiting for a while and gets emotional. Avinash reminds the time when Badi Simar requested him to get Choti Simar’s hand in Aarav’s hand at the time of the wedding but he recalls that once Badi Maa said that Choti Simar cant be a bahu of anyone and she said him to keep Choti Simar away from the wedding. He goes deep in thinking and gets a cardiac arrest. Gagan screams Papa!

Indu and Roma see him and get shocked. Gagan rushes towards him, Indu, Roma, and Gagan shouts and requests him to open his eyes but he closes. Indu shouts at Gagan and says to call an ambulance. There Badi Simar requests the goddess and says today I need you, Choti Simar needs you, please stay with her she needs to be strong so keep your support and blessing with her. She says I’m sure that my decision is right and you are with me, Mata Rani. Simar further says that she took this decision for Aarav and this family’s future. Simar looks so worried thinking, what will happen? The episode ends here, stay tuned with us to read more latest and fresh episode updates.


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