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Sasural Simar Ka SSK 2 Today’s Written Update Episode Check Latest Spoilers


Colors TV’s Sasural Simar Ka season 2 is entering the list of high voltage dramas where the audience is getting forced to stick to the screens. Well, are you also looking for the latest updates, gossips, behind the scenes, and today’s written episode of SSK 2, so don’t worry because here we are jumping the gun to bring tonight’s episode of this show for you. In the previous episode you have watched a drama which is becoming the center of it and tonight it will resume from the previous end.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today's Episode

Well, the episode begins where Simar seems to think back at the time when Aarav helped her a lot and brought her Reema Di back to her even when he was not in the favor of her. She says in herself that she knows that Aarav is not happy with her but she is forced to do this and whatever she is doing is just because of Reema and Vivaan, she then says that she is running out of time and not much time is remaining of her to be in the house so she is trying her best to get the things normal between everyone so that after her they will be living happily.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written

She looks at sleeping Aarav and takes his socks off and other stuff, she looks at her thinking just a day and then they will turn into strangers. The next morning when Simar wakes up she looks for Aarav but she does not find him in the bed she thinks that is where he has gone. She looks at a sticky note where Aarav has written that he is going for an important meeting and he did not want to spoil her sleep so he didn’t wake her up, in another line “Badi Maa is with me so don’t worry about my breakfast I will eat with her, you don’t need to be worried”.

She smiles reading the note and sighs saying at least Aarav is not upset with her. She sighs and goes to the calendar to count her remained days. She marks the calendar and gets worried thinking that only 24 hours are left of being Aarav Ji’s partner and wife, she recalls the time full of ups and downs and smiles thinking that she can’t forget the memories she is about to take with herself. As the show is turning more hot what do you think, will Simar leave Oswal’s house or better say Aarav’s life. Stay tuned with us to read the latest written updates.


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