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Sasural Simar Ka SSK 2 Written Update 22nd Sep 2021 Episode: Simar Consoles Reema


In the exclusive episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2, we are watching that Simar is asking Gagan to return to his parents. She says they are worrying for him for sure. She says if you come here with a purpose to know about Reema. Simar again asks them to go back and she will find Reema Di herself, but Gagan refuses to leave her alone. At the same time, Simar received a message from Aarav. Simar calls him and asks where is he, Simar informs Aarav that her father’s car has been found along with Reema’s veil, but she is still missing. Aarav then asks Simar where is she and if she is alone. Simar says she is along with her brother.

Sasural Simar Ka

Simar further says that she is telling her to go home but he is denying it. Aarav asks Simar to send him home and he is coming to her. Reema there comes out of the studio and gets shocked finds herself alone there. Reema then ablaze the memory card and the rest of the stuff. She is extremely scared as she killed Davesh. Chitra is wondering about Devesh and inwardly talks that he hadn’t informed me about anything yet, he may have fled along with money.

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Chitra messages Devesh that reads she wants Reema to be killed and won’t leave him if anything goes wrong. She further says that it is a matter of my son’s life and I won’t listen to any excuse. The message was received by Devesh’s mobile phone. Aarav comes to Simar and scolds her, he then consolidates Simar and says he is aware that you are worried about Reema, but you should work with your senses. Simar apologises to Aarav and asks him not to worry for her. We have to find out Reema first.

Later, Simar along with Aarav reached the location and find Reema sitting alone and scared. Simar asks Aarav to stops the car, she rushes to Reema and hugs her. Reema starts crying and consoles her. Aarav comes to them, he was about to ask something, but Reema halts her and asks her to don’t ask her anything. She isn’t feeling well. Simar consolidates him and takes her home, Aarav suggests asking Reema where she feels to go. Simar does the same and Reema replies that she wants to go back to Vivaan. Catch the complete episode at 6:30 PM only on Colors TV today. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update.


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