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Sasural Simar ka (SSK) 2: Written Update & Episode 30th July 201 Avinash Gets Humilated


In the latest episode of the show, you will watch, cops, dragging Avinash out of his house while his neighbors come there and look at him. Indu requests to cops to leave her husband saying he did not do anything wrong and he is truly innocent. The inspector grabs his collar and throws him into the van. Roma cries and requests them to leave her father because he is innocent. There in the Oswal house Gajendra asks to Badi Maa that whom is she talking, while she shows him a video when he was on a video call.

Sasural Simar ka 2 vinash

There back in the Avinash’s house Inspector tells to Roma that he swapped his daughter on mandap with another and then got his daughter elopes with another man. Meanwhile, Simar and Reema reach there and both gets shocked to see him they say Papa… Gagan goes to the inspector and asks him if he is much shame in his eyes as he is showing his powers on a simple man, Inspector gets angry at him and slaps him.

Simar goes to Badi Maa and gets down to her feet and begs her to stop. Inspector looks at Indu and asks should he put her inside as well, Indu replies No… because her two daughters have not done anything wrong or illegal. Simar propound to Badi Maa to let her father go and leave them and begs her again saying that she is holding her feet, please leave him. Reema goes to Badi Maa and asks if she get this done? then she asks her, what her father have done wrong with her so she is doing all this power play and says her to stop the cops ASAP, Chitra gives her gestures to keep quiet.

Aarav goes to Badi Maa and asks her why is she doing all this. Badi Maa smiles inside because she told the inspector to humiliate Avinash in front of his neighbour so that he will get to know that now her patience level has broken. Reema tries to say something to Badi Maa while Vivaan stops her. Aarav asks Badi Maa that what Avinash Ji has done with you so that you are doing the worse with him, Badi Maa asks him back if he will teach her now what is wrong and right. Gagan gets into the cops way and sys that they can’t take his father to jail. Inspector makes him sit in the jeep while some of the neighbours say that what the professor did so that he is facing this. Badi Maa goes to them and asks if now professor’s images has runied and respect has spoiled, they says yes after this much humiliation no one’s respect will remain. Badi gets happy and says Inspector to leave him. The episode ends with some more drama so watch the complete episode tonight at the right time.


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