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Sasural Simar Ka SSK Written Episode 1st November 2021 Update: Gagan Sends Video Proof To Aarav


In today’s episode of Sasural Simar Ka (SSK2), Aarav gets angry at Reema. The doctor informs Aarav that Vivaan was attacked again. Aarav asks Reema if she saw that person’s face to which she refuses. Aarav suspects Reema and asks her if she is behind all this. Reema gets worried and tells Aarav that Vivaan is her everything and she can’t even think of hurting him. Aarav loses his temper and bangs his hands on the table out of frustration. Chitra blames Reema for not telling them about this earlier.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Reema asks her not to talk to her like this and says that she told everyone now and they are free to think anything. Gagan thinks about telling the Oswal family and Aarav about Mohit as he worries about his life. Here, Geetanjali Devi gets tensed after seeing Aarav’s hands bleeding. She asks the nurse to bandage it as she can’t see her son in that situation. Aarav gets angry and shouts that he should have been in Vivaan’s place. Geetanjali Devi tries to calm him down. She takes him inside. Meanwhile, Gagan enters the house. Aditi drags Gagan and tells him that she shouldn’t have come there at such a time.

Aditi lashes out at Gagan and asks him if it’s not clear to him that no one wants to hear him talk. She asks him to leave the house. Gagan gets upset. He tries to call Aarav but the latter doesn’t answer his calls. Gagan decides to send him the recorded video proof. Here, Geetanjali Devi gets worried about Aarav. Aditi tells her that she had already warned her about the situation. Geetanjali Devi prays to Mata Rani for Vivaan. On another side, Simar reaches the hospital. As soon as she enters, Vivaan starts feeling conscious.

The doctor informs the family about Vivaan’s health condition. He says that he has gained consciousness. Ahead, Avinash and Indu worry about Simar. Avinash says that he is worried about Simar spending her life all alone. He says that she will get to hear taunts from people. Besides, the Oswal family finally meets Vivaan. They are unaware of the fact that Simar is also looking at him from behind. However, Simar decides to leave quietly. The doctor asks the family to choose two members who will be staying here with Vivaan. What will happen next in Sasural Simar Ka 2? Stay tuned to this space for more written updates.


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