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Sasural Simar Ka (SSK) Written Update 9th August 2021 Episode Aarav Looks at Simar While She Blushes


In the previous episode, you watched that Aarav, Aditi, Vivaan, Reema, and Simar gather as Aditi said to click a group picture. Aarav looks at Simar while she blushes and this offends Reema. Now on the 9th August 2021’s Sasural Simar Ka tonight’s episode begins with, Aarav hands out to cheers for Oswals. Aditi, Simar, Vivaan, and then Reema also hands out for the same, meanwhile, Reema says “if your coquette has over so can I leave because I’ve some work”. Vivaan asks Aarav if he can also leave as he has also some work.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Aditi holds Simar and Aarav’s hands and thanks them for letting her vent down smoothly, she says that now she can go freely and says them to go and rest. Aarav tells Simar that being an elder one is not a cup of tea for everyone because the elder has to make his or her youngers happy all the time and show them the right path of life so that they can keep the smile on their face and stay calm in every situation. Simar tells him that as he is feeling so much pressure on himself so just take a moment out and think how much pressure does Badi Maa has to be a mother because she has to take care of everyone in the house and whatever she is doing is just because the feelings have made her this way.

Aarav looks at her, she says that she is not pointing out Badi Maa but telling her that whatever happing is not good and should not be done. Simar tells him that if a person who is making mistakes gets corrected so no doubt the person will be right automatically. She holds his hand and says to get everything fine, being an elder son of the house, and gets things better in both houses.

In the next scene, Vivaan comes to the office and sees the photo shoot going on. He says to the photographers to stop and delete all the pictures. He asks them who selected these models. Meanwhile, the brand manager comes there and says that he got appointed to select the models for the Oswal group of Hotels and tells him that he has the top models of the industry. He says that he is an idiot because these models will not only represent the chain of their hotels and restaurant but also complete the Oswal group. He tells that it is not just a photoshoot where he can select his so-called models but they need such models who can signify the class and can grace the Oswal group.

Vivaan says him to cancel the shoot, the brand manager says that what if Geetanjali Mam gets to know about this because if her deadline does not match then she will ruin him and his agency as well. Vivaan tells him that he will select the model and resume the shoot tomorrow. He turns around where he sees Aarav standing, Aarav smiles seeing him and cheers him showing a cold drink can. The episode ends, stay tuned to know more.


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