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Sayaka Kanda Death: Japanese Actress Singer Dies At 35 After Fall From Hotel Room


Recently, a piece of quite shocking news is coming in front of the people from Japan which made everyone shocked, because no one even expected that Actress Sayaka Kanda will be pass away in such a strange manner at a very young age. Yes, you heard right, the actress is no more among her admirers after apparently falling from the room at a hotel Sapporo. Since the news came to the fore a wave of great grief has surrounded everyone, especially those, who were close to her because no one would like to see the departure of their favorite one.

Sayaka Kanda Death: Japanese Actress Singer Dies At 35 After Fall From Hotel Room

According to the reports, Kanda was lying outside the room around 12:59 PM on Saturday when the people saw her the approximate height of her room was 14th floor, which was looking scary enough. Sponetniosly her grip got lose and she fell on the surface which became the cause of heavy injuries and at the same time, those who were near to her made her admitted to the nearest hospital so that, her injuries could heal while taking an appropriate cure but due to heavy bleeding her body has been surrounded by the fatal health complications, due to which, she took the last breath at the hospital.

Sayaka Kanda Cause of Death

It is being said, that the concerned department of Hokkaido is investigating the case because any reason could be hidden behind the scene. Hence, police are investigating the crime soot as well, so that, if any evidence is left so they can borrow that to find the culprit if someone pushed her to death. Everyone is paying tribute to her since her demise has been announced by the hospital, because heavy bleeding led to her unexpected passing. Because when she got admitted her body has been suffering from complications.

If the reports are to be considered, so she was scheduled to perform the lead character in the music video “My Fair Lady” in Sapporo, but due to her destiny, she could not attend the event, as she is no more. When the news hit the headlines on social media, it created a buzz among them because initially, her admirers are believing that it was a false narrative, but later, when they get a confirmation they got shocked, because no one even supposed that she will be left the globe in such a manner, that will leave everyone is a shock.


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