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Hello, all the peers if you are looking for a sensational adult web show, so your wish is going to fulfill by the upcoming episode of Palangtod. So, after delivering back to back sensational episodes, now, the grand series coming with another instalment titled Sazaa Ya Mazaa. According to the streaming site updates, Palangtod Sazaa Ya Mazaa is scheduled to release on 25th June 2021. This time again it is coming with more adorable faces along with a highly tempting plot. So, obtain all the necessary information regarding the upcoming show.

sazaa ya mazaa

Well, the trailer of the air on 22nd June 2021 and so far it got 362,084 views with 8.4K. The plot of the show revolves around a newly married couple who is facing difficulty in their physical relationship. The wife tries to evoke the feeling through adult movies. But the man still failed, however, both are immature. Another girl is way too strong-headed and quite practical with a physical relationship. So, the man makes whole in his neighbour bathroom. He sees that his neighbour is having an acute relation. At the end of the trailer, we have watched there is someone who is transgender in the show and even spread AIDS to all the people who got intimated with her.

Before this, the streaming site had released Madhosh diaries and just awestruck the audience with the fantabulous steamy sequences. Along with this Palangtod released its previous show Naye Padosi wherein a young girl attracted to her new neighbour and settle with getting intimate with him. Moreover, Rupay 500 featuring Mahi Kaur is dominating all the digital platform when it comes to adult web show. Now, Sazaa Ya Mazaa is going to sustain the continuation with its extremely bold content. So, don’t forget to plug in your headphone and enjoy the show. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest information on Palangtod Sazaa Ya Mazaa.


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