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The quite sensational OTT platform Ullu has brought a new sequence of Palang Tod series called Sazaa Ya Mazaa. The series has released officially on 25th June 2021 and created havoc among the viewers, who loves to stream such adult web show. Because it is fully loaded with fantasy scenes which will set your curiosity at the peak to know more about the next scene because it has been a topic of discussion for a long time. So you can get the review of it below through which you would get the idea about it.

Sazaa Ya Mazaa

So after bestowing the back-to-back sensational episode’s it has brought a grand episode, and many well-familiar actors are part of the series and done their work equally well. It has become a hot topic when the makers have released the exclusive promo of it, to pique people’s curiosity and when the entire episode took the place. It satisfied the souls of all those who were impatiently waiting for the series, the series has been made keeping in their mind the entertainment.

Sazaa Ya Mazaa Ullu App

When it comes to the story plot of the series, so it’s a Bold-Drama Series, which tries to make revive 5 years old affair, Majnu is fond of watching provocation videos. That makes her lover Laila bother because she does not want him to watch such videos instead of making her life amazing through love. But after attempting a lot for grabbing his attention, she steals his mobile and watches to video. So that, she can get to know his mentality and gets amazed.

Saza Ya Maza Cast

  • Palak Singh (Priyanka Tyagi)
  • Yukta Parvi (Nidhi Sharma)
  • Zubeen Khan (Manoj Kumar)
  • Aamir Mustaq (Majnu)

While watching videos she figure out that one video is related to Priyanka, who does not like to get intimate with anyone else, and has taken a pledge to stay away from fantasy life. The second side, while the other is of such a struggling actress who has been discharged for not performing in an intimate film scene, the makers have featured all attractive faces in the series who have strong fanbase too, and have the capability to attract an audience through their astonishing performances.

The Palang Tod is such a huge adult show package under which makers have been shared many parts and always lived up to the expectation of the fans. Because it has released more than 7 parts of the series such as Naye Padosi, Gaon Ki Garmi, Bekaboo Dil, Shor Double Dhamaka, Saali Aadhi Gharwali, Caretaker, and Mom & daughter and all parts were created a milestone of watching. Because the viewers always wait for such web shows of Ullu.

When the makers have announced the Sazaa Ya Mazaa part of Palang Tod it created havoc circumstances, among all viewers of it because they were waiting for long to get a web show. When they released it officially uncounted people streamed it at the moment and the server also got slow due to traffic. But it provided them a sensational story through which their fans did not disappoint at all. So if you want to watch the Sazaa Ya Mazaa show so you will have to purchase a subscription to it, through which you will get access to watch all web shows.


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