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Shagufta Ali Is Broke! Actress Reveals Bad Health & Financial Issues: Bio Age Husband Instagram


The quite popular actress of Indian Cinema called Shagufta Ali has given us many enthusiastic shows and movies as well. But now she is surrounded by a lot of discussion regarding the financial crisis. As per the statement, she unleashes that nowadays she is suffering from the financial crunch, Help is needed to deal with medical issues. Further, she said that 3 years ago she got to know about her disease (Breast Cancer of Third-Stage) but she recovered with that successfully.

Shagufta Ali Is Broke! Actress Reveals Bad Health & Financial Issues: Bio Age Husband Instagram

According to the exclusive report, she had faced many accidents on the sets even her operation came to the fore and she had to undergo an operation. She is a diabetes patient also and for the last 4 years, her health deteriorated very badly. she revealed that ” She has pain in her feet and Numbness as well, and High Blood Super has affected her eyes and she needs to get appropriate medical treatment. After knowing all this, her fans are very sad because their favorite actress is facing all these situations.

She has seen last time in Bepannah, the actress mentioned that she was qualmish about opening up about her difficult times. ” She knows someone who treats her as mother and she familiar with everything and informed her that it was high time, she talks about it. Through which she can get the help while she is not sure and says that she leave everything on god” because it’s their turn to make for her life. Further, she said that many have been shocked and still, she did not get help.

Later, she revealed some names who came forward to help her in her hard time, she said: “Neena Gupta” is too close to her, and she helped her first included Sushant Singh and Sumit Raghwan. Later she said that after treatment she wants to work again so that, she can feel happy. ” But unless she gets fits she needs Financial Help” because she would have to pay bills, loans, and many more. She is just 54 years-years-old and due to circumstances, she is facing such worst situations.

Further, she added that she has worked for more than 30 years and during that period she never faced these circumstances, but the last 4 years were too hard for her. But she thought time will heal everything, but she did not have an idea that it will become the long patch. For her treatment she has sold her cars, jewelry, even she has used her all savings as well, she was to deal with her responsibilities as well.


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