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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Today’s Episode 8th July 2021: Gurwinder & Parmeet Join Hands


The popular serial of Colors TV Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki has a unique fanbase. The different storyline doesn’t just entertain the viewers but gives an important message too. This is the reason why the show is still one of the most-watched shows after so many years. Talking about today’s written episode of SAKEK, another interesting twist will spice up the storyline. Let’s find out what will happen in the latest episode of the show. In the recent track, Heer and Virat have gotten married. Well, just like every other daily soap, there is a negative character who is determined to create problems in their life.

Yes, Parmeet is against the marriage so she will be seen conspiring against Heer every now and then to let her down in front of Virat. Earlier it was shown that Parmeet called Heer plenty of times but the latter didn’t pick as her phone was on silent and she was attending lectures. After that, Parmeet called Virat and pretended to be sick which concerned Virat. He quickly called the doctor who reached Parmeet’s place. On another side, Guru insisted Heer have some coffee but she refuses to have it.

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki


Heer checks the call log and gets tensed seeing so many missed calls from Parmeet. She rushes home. Parmeet’s doctor friend alleged Heer of being so irresponsible towards her mother-in-law. Virat gets angry hearing that and lashes out at Heer making Parmeet contented. In the next episode, Gurwinder requests Heer to withdraw the complaint against Daljeet. She will refuse to do so and says that Daljeet deserves to be punished. This makes Gurwinder feel helpless. However, he will come to know about Parmeet’s lie. Gurwinder deals with Parmeet where the former will help to separate Heer and Virat while she will help Daljeet to come out of jail.

In the next scene, Heer and Virat will be seen conversing as they had for the very first time. While Guru will come to have some conversation with Heer. Virat will notice that and will interrupt the duo. However, Guru still has no idea that Virat and Heer are couples and that he s becoming the third wheel or will he find out in today’s episode of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. Check out the interesting twist in the serial tonight on Colors TV. Keep following our site for more exclusive updates and the latest news.


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