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Shakuntalam Total Box Office Collection Day 2: Why Film Collects Just Rs 1.5 Crore On 2nd Day


Shaakuntalam is an Indian Telugu-language 2023 film receiving much attention and popularity on the internet and social media platforms. This film is full of mythological and historic fantasy drama but has failed to make a good performance at the box office. This is creating a buzz on the internet but not at the box office. This film is directed by Gunasekhar and based on the Shakuntala which is a Sanskrit play by Kalidasa. Let us know some more information about this film such as budget, earnings at the box office, story, and much more related to this historic film, so read continuously this article.

This film was released on 14 April 2023 and received a mixed response from the people and viewers. This film gained a profit of Rs. 5 core on its first day, 14 April of release.

Shakuntalam Total Income Report: Day 2

And collected around Rs. 1.5 crore on the second day, 15 April of its release at the box office. It was determined that this film will earn a great response and profit from the box office but it does not seem. This film has not performed well and it was unexpected by the creators of this film. Scroll down and continues your reading to know about this film.

Shaakuntalam total box office collection day 2

This film is mostly liked by people and fans because of its inspiring play of Kalidasa Abhijnanashakuntalam. This film is based on a popular play Abhignyana Shakuntalam by Kalidasa and shows the historic drama. In this film, Samantha and Dev Mohan play the main role and the other co-actors also gave their best to make this film so much wonderful and a blockbuster. This film shows a thrilling love story of the beautiful Shakuntala and the mighty king Dushyanta who is playing the role of hero in this film. This film is full of many unexpected theories and events which is most liked by the fans and viewers.

There are many people shared their responses after enjoying this film and sharing their responses on the Internet and social media platforms. The running time of this film is around 142 minutes and is made within a budget of Rs. 65 crores. Currently, many films at the box offices are not gathering a good response from the people because the OTT streaming platforms are making a special place among people and film lovers. It is also shared that this film will be seen on the OTT platform very soon but it is not confirmed yet and there is not much information has been shared.


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