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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani To Go Off-Air Soon Check Reason Last Episode Shoot Ending Details


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani has become a name that is known in every household while the cast has also left a never forgettable remark in viewer’s hearts. After entertaining the fans for more than six months, the popular Star Plus show is going off-air. Yes, the news has shocked almost everyone as the serial was doing amazingly well. However, the speculation is rife that the daily soap will soon telecast its last episode and will bid adieu to its fans who showered love for so many months. With the news, the curiosity among the fans has also levelled up.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani To Go Off-Air Soon Check Reason Last Episode Shoot Ending Details

The viewers are curious to know why their favourite serial is ending. As per some reliable online sources, it has come forward that the makers have decided to end the story as the TRP is going low every passing day. For the past month, there was no increment in the TRP and no matter what the makers came up with, it didn’t go up. After considering that, the makers decided to wrap the shoot. Soon, the viewers will witness the last episode of the show as the shooting for the same has gotten completed.

Recently, the lead actress of the serial Debattama Shah shared a video on her social media handle in which she was seen spending quality time with her co-actors. While the actress shared another post where she thanked all of her fans for giving a bounty of love to the serial and for watching it until now. She also thanked the fans for trending ‘Debattama Forever Anokhi’ on Twitter. The actress stated that the show has been nothing but a beautiful journey to her where she met so many nice people and shared that she is finding it hard to accept the serial is going off-air soon.

Besides, Karanvir Sharma who plays the role of Shaurya has not confirmed the show going off-air. He has stated that just like every day, he comes on the set for the shoot and heads home and has no idea about it. Producers Tony Singh and Deeya hadn’t stated anything about the show either. Talking about the serial, it features Shaurya and Anokhi where Shaurya has a perception that every girl belongs to the kitchen while Anokhi believes in hard work. It shows how they cross paths that brings a change in their lives. Let’s see if Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani is actually going off-air or will continue to get telecast on the web.


  1. I am really sad that Shaurya and Anokhi ki Kahani has abruptly ended, there was a message for the audience but I think audience is used to see some stupid shows without head and tail.
    I wish Deeya ND Tony Singh continue with the show.
    All the best. The Actors were Good.

  2. It was an awesome show but seriously people just want stupid masala and how some one ruin the life of other.Shaurya and Anokhi was a beautiful serial .I only used to watch that serial that too every day .Really sad to hear…..gonna miss this serial a lot,bcoz I can’t tolerate those stupid serial.

  3. It was an awesome show. Really sad to hear that it ended so soon. I completed it in one whole week on hot-star. I hope the producers continue with the show. Actors were amazing. All the best.


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