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‘She Is Not Your Daughter’ Review Ratings Starring Alicia Leigh Willis


Lifetime has recently emerged out to be one of the most successful and adored streaming platforms or networks for telling stories that are engaging and well conceptualized. It will not be wrong to say that Lifetime is one of the most watched and adored platforms in the United States. Americans are streaming on this platform every day and making its viewership higher than ever. Well, the latest show which is creating a massive amount of buzzes on the platform is ‘She is not your daughter’. People are loving and adore this latest offering by the popular network.

She Is Not Your Daughter

She is not your daughter is directed by Jeff Hare, the movie is lately creating a great number of buzzes all across and people are loving it and enjoying it. The story of the movie revolves around a family who has been living their lives to the fullest. The prominent characters of the film are Liza, Bob and their lovely daughter May the family is always together and love each other the most and ans celebrate every moment together with joy and happiness. Although their happiness is short-lived when a person enters the scene and tries to ruin the happiness of the family by exposing a dark secret. Bob starts worrying about their daughter. Bob knows and he tells him why this is happening. Even though Liza is stunned to know the truth starts she starts panicking.

So now you all must be wondering what is the truth. And what it has to with this lovely pretty family. Although in the first 40 minutes you get to know about the secret of the movie which is about to destroy the happiness of the movie. The parents are being threatened by the person who is here to destroy the happiness of the family. Although the picture is shown in a very amazing way. The way director has presented the story is amazing. You will love it and enjoy it the most. The director knows his job and that’s very evident in the picture. Every scene in the movie is pictured so beautifully.

All the cast has played its role beautifully and efficiently. Starting from liza it has been played by Alicia Leigh Willis, next comes Bob it’s played by Jon Briddell and the role of May is played by Emily Topper. All the three main leads are rocking their roles. We bet you will be mesmerized to see them performing and no doubt you guys will love and there is no denial in that. Lifetime has never disappointed the public in delivering the best stories and again Lifetime has proven it right. Every next time Lifetime is raising bars high in delivering new ans great stories. The stories are great but the way they are picturized is amazing too. All the audiences will be mesmerized seeing the way it is shown. It will not be wrong to say that Lifetime is one of the most reliable and best platforms for watching new and eye-catching stories. It’s worth watching it and that we assure you. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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