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Shiroda’s young Dr Akshaya Pawaskar ‘Covid warrior’ passes away



We are saddened to share with you about passing news of Shiroda as their young Covid Warrior medical officer Dr Akshaya Mandhukar Paswakar at the age of 38 all are mourning her death and showers and paying tribute condolence to her so scroll down the page to know more about her.

We are conversing about Shiroda who was well known as Covid Warrior and saved many lives during Covid Pandemic she has also praised by the state government for her hard work and her sudden demise left everyone in shock and disbelief however we could not say what will happen in the future and at the time.

She was a determined and professional young doctor who saved several lives of patients during the Covid Pandemic. Dr Akshaya was known as the Covid Warrior and was immensely renowned among the locals for bringing new life to countless patients during the Covid pandemic Health Minister Vishwjit Rane also send condolences to her and said that they lost a talented and devoted doctor.


According to the report, Dr Akshay was found collapsed and lying on the floor while she was on duty. She was doing her duty on Tuesday night as she used to dis and conducted medical checkups of 17 patients then she went to her restroom at around 9 pm and then she was found collapsed on the floor when the nurse call to the doctor because new patients were admitted to the Hospital.

Later they found that Dr Akshaya did not respond and then found her lying on the floor this incident informed to Police and they registered this case as unnatural death and conducted to be a postmortem of her body so they can found the real cause of her death.

People start speculated on her death cause after when they learned postmortem had been required for her death cause and wanted to know the real and determined person Dr Akshaya’s death cause. However, we have to wait till when the postmortem result not come out and any information will be provided by her family and police.

However, the Police investigation is going on and all her family, friends and community operating in the investigation so the truth will be come out soon. However, many people and her family, and friends send a condolence and paid tribute to her and express their greatness and love for her and say they are proud of her as Covid Warrior Fighter who saves several patient lives due to Covid Pandemic without thinking about herself and keep priority first ts save her patient first. Her final rites were held on Thursday 17 August 2023.


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