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Shivam & Pallak Splitsvilla X3/13 Win Silver Connection Task 5th June Episode 2021: Dome Session & Elimination


Are you waiting eagerly for the 14th episode of the dating reality show Splitsvilla X3 Season 13? Who isn’t right? Well, tonight’s episode is about to break all the records of providing entertainment as the Silver Connection Task would take place this Saturday. You must have come across the steamy promos of the latest episode of the show. The sensational task will happen and which couple will emerge out as the winner is something the fans are anticipating. Previously, Riya had gotten eliminated from the show and had shocked the fans.

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Another side, Vyomesh and Arushi got the golden chance to test their capability. They had gone to the oracle to check if they are the villa’s third ideal match or not and to their surprise, the pair couldn’t emerge out as the 3rd ideal match. Thus, the search for the next ideal match is still ongoing. Moreover, the Silver Connection task holds the destiny of the contestants as the participants losing the given task will enter the dumping zone and automatically would come at the high risk of getting eliminated.

Now, speaking of the Silver connection task, it’s a dance competition that will include the couples performing against other couples. As usual, only one couple will come out as the winner while the rest would have to face the drastic consequences of the loss. The pairs who will deliver sensational dance performances include the first ideal match, Kevin and Kat along with Dhruv and Sapna, and Gary and Avantika. Other couples on the list are Samarthya and Nikita, Nikhil and Bhoomika, Jay & Aditi, Trevon and Samruddhi, and Shivam and Pallak.

These aforementioned couples would be performing the crucial task tonight and would give a tough competition to one another. After the sizzling performances, Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone will announce Shivam and Pallak as the winners of the Silver Connection Task. Besides, Nikhil and Bhoomika from the Boombam group secured the victory from the Gold Villa contestants. Another couple from the mentioned group Jay and Aditi also performed well.

However, they couldn’t become the winner. Other than that, the contestants who have gotten eliminated from Splitsvilla X3 Season 13 include Devashish, Azma Fallah, Riya, Janvi, and Shwetha Nair. As a result, these contestants entered the Wild Villa. One of the existing couple in the show will join the eliminated participants list tonight. Catch the exciting episode of 5th June on MTV tonight at 7 PM and follow us for more updates.


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