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Shocking: Elderly Couple Dies After Eating Poisonous Pufferfish in Malaysia


Elderly couple dies after eating poisonous pufferfish in Malaysia This is very big news about eating poisonous pufferfish because there are so many peoples who eat fish and meat. Nowadays fish and meat are eaten on a very large scale. That is why this is very big news, especially for those who are nonvegetarian. This news is viral very fast on social media through posts and videos. There are so many peoples who are very curious about these news updates.

Elderly Couple Dies

Everyone is now scared of eating fish and meat. On social media, everyone is troubling people through posts and videos, saying that fish has poison, and people who eat it will die. An elderly couple died in Malaysia after eating poisonous pufferfish, prompting their daughter to call for stronger laws to prevent others from suffering the same fate. Authorities in the southern state of Johor said Ng Chuan Sing and his wife Lim Siu Guan, both in their early 80s, unknowingly bought at least two pufferfish from an online seller on March 25. Authorities said that same day Lim had fried fish for lunch and began to experience “difficulty breathing and trembling”. She told that an hour after eating the food, her husband Ng also started showing similar symptoms.

Elderly Couple Dies After Eating Poisonous

The couple was taken to the hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit, and Lim was announced dead at 7 p.m. Ng remained in a coma for eight days, but his condition worsened and he died on Saturday morning, said the couple’s daughter Ng Ai Lee, who held a press conference at the couple’s home on Sunday before his funeral.

Ng demanded accountability for his parents’ death and for stronger laws in Malaysia, where at least 30 species of pufferfish are commonly found in the surrounding waters. Ng said.”Those responsible for his death must be held responsible under the law and I hope the authorities will immediately investigate,” I also hope that the Malaysian government will strengthen enforcement and help raise public awareness of pufferfish poisoning to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Malaysian law bans the sale of poisonous and harmful food such as pufferfish meat, and the crime is punishable by a fine of RM10,000 ($2,300) or up to two years in prison. This is a very big step which is taken by the government. All peoples are very happy when they listen to this rule which is published by the government.


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