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Shocking: Man Stabbed To Death In Delhi On Suspicion Of Being Police Informer, Case


In this today’s world, we have to get more alert in all the places that we have to go and where we are working. even it gets more dangerous to step the foot on the outside. One suspicion also gets killed by another person. This also happened to a 26-year-old man. This man was stabbed to death by three people in Northwest Delhi. Being a police informer on suspicion he was stabbed to death. This incident happens on Monday. What exactly happened to him and why they stabbed him? For further detail please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Man Stabbed To Death In Delhi On Suspicion

According to the police, The man who was stabbed to death on Monday name was Durgesh. Police got a call around 11 pm on Monday night that a man had been stabbed near Laal Bagh Public convenience on the platform and brought to Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital. In the hospital, Durgesh was found dead. Manoj, Durgesh’s elder brother who was also stabbed by them gave a statement and told what exactly happened. He said that Durgesh is walking on the platform near the slum and was detained by Irfaan and stabbed by him. Taarif and Roshan who is a partner of Irfaan held him and stabbed him to death being a police informer suspected of him.

Man Stabbed To Death In Delhi

Taarif, Roshan, and Irfaan are snatchers in that area. that’s why they suspected a person to be a police informer. According to his elder brother Manoj, he saw all this incident from the roof where three people were stabbing his brother come and quickly take down his brother to the hospital, where he was found dead. He added that one of their member group was also injured during their fight. A fight ensued between Durgesh and the three others, and Irfan ended up knifing Roshan too.

According to Manoj, he saw his brother getting stabbed raising an alarm and the is caught by police three tried to flee but Roshancaught by the police, and now he is in undertreatment. Police said Roshan will be arrested as soon as he undergoing treatment will complete. and police also trying to find and catch both Irfaan and Taarif. However please stay and safe get alert everywhere. If anything happens or you feel that is going to happen please alert the police and stay safe. If any other information we get to know we will update you. please stay tuned on this website.


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