Home General News Shocking! Standard Journalist Moses Okiror Omusolo Found Dead Near Kangundo Road

Shocking! Standard Journalist Moses Okiror Omusolo Found Dead Near Kangundo Road


There is shocking news coming out related to the death of a Journalist who was working in Standard Media Group found dead on Thursday morning and his dead body was discovered along Knagundo road. Police found the dead body of Moses Okiror Omsolo who was 35 years old. He was founded in a ditch on Kangundo Road and the police begin their investigation. This news getting too much attention from the users of social media and they are raising lots of questions related to his death, So here in this article we are going to share some information about him and what was happened to him.

Standard Journalist Moses Okiror Omusolo Found Dead

Journalist Moses Okiror Omusolo Found Dead

According to the reports of police that the dead body was discovered in a ditch with a deep cut on the head and his body dumped in a ditch along Kangundo Road. Police said that they suspect that he was murdered far away elsewhere from the place where they found his dead body. When the local people of there see the dead body which is lying opposite the Superloaf Company they report the cops and the cops are alerted after this news. The reason for his murder is not confirmed and the murderer is also not captured yet.

Who Confirmed Death Of Moses Okiror Omusolo?

His identification was confirmed by his personal documents recovered inside a black backpack which was founded next to the body. He was living in the Umoja area which is not far from the incident place where his dead body was founded. He was going to get married next year and he was working for Standard Group. He completed his graduation from Masinde Muliro University class of 2013.

Before Standard Group he was working at Nation Media Group and grow up in his career where he can spread his name more around the world. We will update our article after getting more information related to his death and share it in our article.

He had been given some time off to manage the arrangement for his wedding where he was going to walk on a new way and he was off from his work. He was not at work at the moment of his death when the death incident happen. His marriage is going to be done in February 2023 and now his death news makes everyone sad. There are lots of people who also express their sorrow for his death and there are too many comments flowing on social media related to his death


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