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Sir Clive Sinclair Pocket Calculator Inventor Dies At 81 Check Cause Of Death


Technology has become an absolutely necessary part of our lives and the computer and the regular enhancement in the various aspects of the computer is just incredible. We can’t even think about our life without the computer and the Internet, but there are a number of people who come this long with this cutting edge mechanism of the computer. Sir Clive Sinclair is one of them, he is also known as the Father of Computing, but the legend has passed away lately. He was 81 years of his age at the time of his death.

Sir Clive Sinclair

All the people who are aware about his contribution to the world of computers. He discovers the ZX Spectrum home computers back in 1980. His brilliant improvisations in the world of computers are like a cherry on the cake. He was the man behind the non-gamers who can also enjoy gaming on the computers. He also created various games for the people. All of his games are imensly thriving. But the great inventor is not with us anymore. All of his family and friends are broke down after his demise.

According to the latest reports, Sir Clive was battling cancer for more than 10 years. He died in London on 16 September 2021, Thursday surrounded by his family members. As per the reports he was survived by his children and grandchildren. All of them are in shock and devastated due to this forever separation of such a legend. People and computer enthusiasts are showing their grief and giving their condolence through various Social Media platforms. People are admiring his contribution and innovative discoveries and games that and people are taking advantage of it.

Besides, Sir Clive was born in England in 1940, he achieved success and started gaining fame in 1970 after he invested in electronically calculators at that time he was running his company Sinclair Radionics. After the electronic calculator, he discovered Cambridge known as Sinclair Computers. Later in 1980, he came with his biggest revolution and discovery of the ZX Spectrum home computer. His invention cut down the prices of computers and make them affordable for the common people.

The success of the Father of Home computing reached its pinnacle in 1981 along with the release of ZX81 and the computer reached home. It is considered one of the greatest achievements of all time. We hope that pure soul will rest in paradise. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for the latest worldwide updates.


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