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Sirf Tum Today’s Episode 2nd December 2021 Written Update Ranveer Decides To Confess His Love


The 2nd December 2021 episode of Sirf Tum is bringing a high voltage drama for the audience, where you will watch that finally, Ranveer decided to confess his love towards Suhani. Because it’s been a long time to hide his feelings for her, and if he does it ahead so it could be inappropriate enough. Hence, he thinks that he should arrange some extraordinary atmosphere for her so that, she can feel adorable which accepting his proposal. He wonders that Suhani is a perfect girl who can handle him easily, and he also searched for the same quality which she has.

Sirf Tum serial 2nd december 2021

At the same time, Ranveer sees a proposal where one boy is revealing his feelings towards his crush, but she does not accept his proposal by saying that she came here for studies for this shit. But that boy says if she does not accept his proposal so he will jump from the terrace because he loves her a lot. Meanwhile, Ranveer says that why she is not accepting his proposal despite knowing that he has genuine feelings for her, and therefore he decides to help him. Hence he brings him to the terrace and pushes him as well but by mistake, he also falls.

Later, Suhani comes there and gets shocked to see Ranveer in such a condition and gets worried about him, but spontaneously Ansh also sees everything, and his intentions got spoiled as well. Because he does not want to live Ranveer happy with Suhani because his father became the cause of his unhappiness, therefore he can not let them be happy at all. Therefore, he decides to do something against both, several conspiracies are roaming in his mind which he will execute at the right time, to make their life hell.

In the last episode, as viewers have watched that Ranveer got into an ugly argument with his father on such matters, which hurt him a lot, and therefore he goes to the college to release his frustration while beating his friends by saying, that they are also equally responsible for Suhani’s unhappiness as Seniors. Because he gave them a responsibility to take care of her in his absence but despite this, they did not do their duties appropriately. They tried to make him understand that he does not need to be angry too much because he knows very well that someone, locked them while raging Suhani, so he can not say anything against them.


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